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At Exotic Bazaar, we celebrate quality food that brings joy to your pallete and to your body.

Our mission is to gift Australians with the exotic flavours of Middle Eastern cuisine, through use of ethically sourced produce, and environmentally friendly practices.

All of our sauces are vegan and gluten free. We only use real natural ingredients in our food, with no preservatives, additives, or refined sugar. Our sauces are mild but packed with flavours and aroma. 

We are also lovers of nature and animals. From the start we applied strict policies to run our business with minimum waste and little environmental impact, such are: no plastic to landfill, zero waste kitchen, and low carbon emission sourcing.

A core belief at Exotic Bazaar is: The only right way to run a business is the eco way.

Hello and welcome!

My name is Gila, with my brother Behnam we founded Exotic Bazaar Food Company  in 2018. We joined the food industry with a mission to enrich Australians’ palette with new flavours inspired by the love and harmony from the Persian cuisine.

We both were born in Iran during the Gulf war. We learned the value of food and the reality of limited resources from early childhood, working as little kitchen hands with our aunties to feed the big family at the times of food scarcity. Despite the limitations, we always managed to throw tasty feasts using care and love. This experience thought us to value and make the most out of what is available and has given us the ability to truly apply the philosophy of “waste not want not” attitude in life even at times of plenty.

Our business has a great emphasis on being kind to the environment and respecting the earth. We contribute to zero plastic to landfill, which means not only we do not use plastic in our product packaging, we do not add any plastic to landfill during our production all the way to the packaging for shipping . We have a zero waste production line. We compost or recycle if any waste. We also always chose to work with environmentally responsible companies as our partners.

Our products are the three most classic Persian dishes from Iran, that go back to more than three thousands years in history. These are our family recipes and we put our modern twist on it by developing them into meat-less recipes.

When you cook with these sauces the first thing you will notice will be the balance in flavours and the freshness. When you cook with it, it will smell and taste as though you went to the market yourself and picked every ingredient fresh and cooked the sauce from the scratch. If you have a high quality piece of meat or fresh vegetable, this sauce will do your beautiful ingredient justice.

We are a new business and our feedback helps keeping us on the right track. Please send me a note or follow us on social media to join our journey on bringing authentic middle eastern flavours to Australian homes. 


Gilava & Behnam xx

Email : Gila@ExoticBazaar.com.au

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