How do I use them?

If this is your first time using our sauces we highly recommend following the instructions on the back of the jar. That way you can experience the traditional way of eating our authentic Persian meal bases. All the sauces are very versatile and you can get creative by using them in your own home made recipes. We love that. We do however have lots more recipe ideas for you to follow under the 'Recipes' tab.

Can I eat them cold?

It is recommended that the sauces are heated before use.

What are the ingredients in each jar?

Our cooking sauces are Gila's family recipes cooked and preserved the traditional way. Here is the list of some of our ingredients you can find at the back of the jar to: Ghormeh Sabzi: Turmeric & Pepper Tagine: Gheymeh: Fesenjoon:

How long do they last once opened?

Because we do not use preservitives, after openning the jar they should be treated like any other real cooked food. Our recommendation is that the jar be consumed within 2 weeks once opened. Heat before eat.

Is it Australian made?

We are an Australian business and we make all of our sauces right here in Brisbane, with locally sourced and imported ingredients.

Are they gluten free?

The kitchen is a shared facility where gluten ingredients are used. However the ingredients that we use in all of our sauces are gluten free.

Vegan friendly?

Yes absolutely. And! all of our recipe ideas are vegan.

Where can I buy them?

We are available online and in many stores around SE Queensland, Northern NSW, and a few selected stores in Victoria. Please view the list of our stockists here: https://www.exoticbazaar.com.au/stockists We also love recommendations. If you would like us to be in a store near you, please contact us and we will do our best have our range stocked in that store. If you can also advise the store that you would like us to be stocked, we will have a higher chance of success. Thank you.

Is there a discount for bulk buying?

Yes. We have created a 'Bulk Buy' tab. Please contact us regarding a larger order. We are very happy to work with you.

Do I use the whole jar?

This depends on your recipe. For the traditional stew recipe, adding the full jar will create 4 - 6 serves. You may use less than the whole jar for different recipes or if you want to create less than the 4 - 6 serves. Please remember that because we do not use preservatives in any of our sauces, then they need to be consumed within 2 weeks after opening.

Are they spicy?

No, they are all mild. Our Tagine sauce is a bit more peppery than the rest. Persian food is very mild in flavour. Although the food is packed with aromatic spices, there is no chilli in any of our sauces. The only 'hot' spice is black pepper. If you want something with a bit of a bite, try our Middle Estern Turmeric & Pepper. If you are after something with zero heat, try our Fesenjoon (Walnut & Pomegranate).