Quick Pan Kebab (Tabe'ee)

Pan Kebab is one of the Persian classic recipes that you can't find at any restaurant because it is an absolute mum-dish. My mum made this dish for our dinner or school lunch at least once a week and we never had enough of it.

Classically this recipe is made with beef or chicken mince. Here I used a plant-based mince from Woolworths and it worked perfectly.

This recipe serves 4 people. Made in a medium non-stick pan.


400g mince (I used Naturli Plant-Based mince)

1 medium onion grated

4 tsp Kebab Spice Blend from Exotic Bazaar

Few cherry tomatoes or 1 tomato sliced

5 baby capsicum or half a capsicum sliced

1 tbsp olive oil (for greasing)


1- Preheat oven to 180C (fan force). (If you don't have an oven see step 8 for alternate method)

2- Mix the grated onion with the mince and season with 4 tsp of Kebab Spice Mix.

3- For best results wear a food-safe glove and mix well with one hand until combined.

4- Grease an oven-safe pan with oil and transfer the mixture to the pan.

5- Press down the mixture by hand creating a flat layer that covers the bottom of the dish.

6- Divide into portions using a spatula (see the middle image below).

7- Place the slices of tomatoes and capsicums in-between the kebab portions.

8- Bake in the oven for around half an hour or until the top has browned.


Cook on the stovetop, turn the kebabs after 15 minutes to cook on both sides.

7- Serve with rice, salad, and yoghurt.

You can find the recipe for Persian rice here.

Kebab Spice Blend

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