Tempeh, Quinoa Salad With Figs and Silky Walnut- Pomegranate Sauce

Using one jar of our shortcut Fesenjoon - Silky Walnut & Pomegranate,


-1 Jar of Exotic Bazaar Fesenjoon - Silky Walnut & -Pomegranate Sauce -300g Tempeh                       

-1 Cup Quinoa -4 Fresh Figs                                    

-1 Pack Mixed Salad Leaves -1 Avocado  

-3 Tbsp Olive Oil

-Pomegranate Seeds                                


(serves 3-4 people)

1-Cut the Tempeh into cubes and lightly fry in olive oil until golden all around.

2-Empty one jar of Exotic Bazaar Fesenjoon - Silky Walnut & Pomegranate cooking sauce. Let them all simmer together for 10 minutes.

3-Cook the quinoa in one cup of boiling water.

4-Slice the avocado and figs. Take out the pomegranate seeds and add all to the mixed salad.

5-Top the salad with the cooked quinoa.

6-Place the Tempeh on top of salad and pour the sauce on top, let for the quinoa to absorb all the flavours.

Enjoy :)

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