Add one to your stews, soup, any slow cook. Brew with tea.


Persian Lime has a wonderful citrus-like, fermented flavour. Also known as Limoo Omani, Lumi, Black Lime, or Dried Lime this distinctive fruit is only used in dried form to add aroma and tanginess that is a signature to Middle Eastern cuisine. 

To use, pierce them first to allow the flavour to seep out then add them to soups or stews. You can also brew half a piece in a tea pot for an energising caffeine-free drink. 

Add one or two Persian Lime to any of our cooking sauces for extra rich flavours. Before serving remove them, or if you can handle intense sour flavours leave them in, and enjoy the burst of flavours in your mouth.

Black Lime Whole - 15 g

  • Persian Dried Lime

  • Iran -

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