Step on the silk road with this this tomato based sauce inspired by Persian Gheymeh Tajine. Packed with protein goodness of yellow split peas, the superfood benefits of cinnamon and rose water, the anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric, this amazingly versatile base for Middle Eastern recipes.  Enjoy with mushrooms, eggplants, Capsicum, Okra on pasta dishes, with Cous Cous, or with humble rice. 


This product is shelf stable. Store in cupboard and use before the best before date. After opening keep in refrigerator and consume within two weeks.

Serves: 6

Persian Gheymeh Recipe Base

  • This is not your average tomato based sauce.


    Gheymeh's deep, earthy, slightly sour, and unique flavour is bounded together with a heavenly touch of Rose Water, promising to elevate your dinner experience to a journey that awakens senses .


    You can make a whole range of divine vegetarian dishes with this humble looking sauce. Our favorite recipe for Gheymeh is Shitake and mixed Mushrooms braised in Gheymeh and enjoyed with a side of Saffron rice. A more adventourous and impressive recipe for this sauce is a melty stuffed eggplant that has become many people's specialty when hosting dinner parties.


    This vegan and gluten free sauce is packed with anti inflamatory properties of Turmeric and anti oxidants from Lime. The Yellow Split Peas adds a boost of protein to your vegetarian dish.