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Cooked in small batches following a family recipe


Travel to Middle East without leaving home. Enjoy the fresh and unique flavours of the national dish of Iran, Ghormeh Sabzi. This is a perfect sauce for lamb or beef. The freshness of herbs and the tangy flavours of black lime will create a unique and satisfying meal. Perfect for those who like to try different flavours and learn about different cuisines and cultures. 

Not recommended if you don't like corriander or herbs in general.


Each jar serves 4

Flavour Profile:

Umami, Savoury, Fresh, Packed with Herbs


How to make:

Simmer or stir-fry with your choice of meat and/or vegetable.

Traditionally paired with diced lamb and red kidney beans.

Other perfect protein pairs are chicken, beef, fish, halloumi, tofu, brown lentils


Modern Ways:

Mix with feta and use as filling for puff pastry to make your own gozleme or feta puffs.

You can also use it as a stir-through sauce for pasta or rice.


Our Promise:

100% Natural, No Preservatives,

Gluten-Free, Vegan, Keto Friendly, No Onion, No Garlic


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  • Size: 6 x 320 g

    Serves: 24-36 

    Made in Australia from 75% Australian ingredients

    Exotic Bazaar recipe bases have no preservatives. Please use a clean spoon to take out. Keep in the fridge after opening and consume within two weeks.