Persians are famous for tender kebabs and scrumptious grills. The secret is in the balanced sumac based spice that tenderises any protein along with quick high flamed grills.

Exotic Bazaar's Kebab blend is our home recipe. With a balance of saltiness, tanginess, and heat, this spice blend is suitable for both vegetarian and meat dishes.


Use as a rub by itself or combine with BBQ sauce for all grilled dishes. Best used as an overnight rub, but can also be sprinkled on during cooking.  


As a marinade- Combine 4 tsp per 400g of protein with olive oil to marinate and allow the flavours to infuse for as long as possible.

On Steak- Rub the spice on the steaks with a bit of olive oil just before frying

Veggie/Meat Balls - Mix 4tsp of spice with 400g of mince and one onion and shape into little balls

Stir Fry- Add a couple of tsp to your stir-fries, increase the amount with taste.


Kebab Spice Blend

  • Organic Black Pepper, Red Pepper Flake, Turmeric, Sumac, Australian Sea Salt

  • Blended and packed in Australia from Local and Imported Spices

    By Exotic Bazaar