Date vinegar is a healthy, versatile and 100% natural culinary product. It is made from 100% premium Iranian dates which have been fermented to achieve a distinct flavour, similar to a high quality balsamic vinegar. Date vinegar has a relatively low pH level of 3.8 due to the conversion of sugar into alcohol during the fermentation process. That is why it is recommended for gut health.  

Prized among health advocates for its multiple properties, Date Vinegar contains many nutrients and is a powerful antioxidant.


Use it as you would regular vinegar in salads, dips and sauces for a punch of fruity flavour. I also recommend adding few drops to water for a cleansing drink, or drizzling a small amount over nuts or seeds as an instant snack. Date vinegar has so many uses in the kitchen that it is sure to become one of your 'must-haves'!'



Date Vinegar 250 ml

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  • Size: 250 ml

    Serves: 16

    Best Before: August 2024