Easily bake a gorgeous, fail-proof Persian love cake that will fill your house with the smell of saffron and aromatic spices.  Enjoy your Persian Love cake with a relaxing cup of rose and cardamom tea.


This hamper will include:

- Persian love cake dry mix with organic saffron (8 serves) - Choose between original recipe or gluten-free

- Pink icing mix

- Rosewater

- Rose, pistachio, almond garnish

- Recipe card with step by step recipe to bake and garnish the cake

- Organic black tea, rose, and cardamom



This product is dairy and egg-free, and vegan friendly. The recipes come with plant-based substitute options.


Add a jar of cooking sauce or few spice packs to make this a complete experience


Rose & Relax

PriceFrom AU$24.50
  • Persian Love Cake: Flour (Gluten Free available), Almon Meal, Sugar, Cardamom, Saffron

    Icing Mix: Icing Sugar, Tapioca Starch, Natural Red Colouring Powder

    Garnish: Rose Petal, Slivered Almond, Slivered Pistachio

    Tea: Organic Black Tea, Rose Petal, Cardamom