If you were invited to dine with the Prince of Persia, this walnut stew would be your dinner. A mildly sweet and sour dish with a nutty richness, this cooking sauce will perfectly complement your high-quality ingredients.


Made fresh in our Brisbane kitchen, this cooking sauce has no fillers or cooking oil, and is Gluten-Free, Vegan, and Vegetarian Friendly. 


Add it to your everyday cooking or go classic and show off your world cuisine knowledge by making a classic Fesenjoon in three easy steps:


1- Fry and half cook your ingredients  (See below for suggestions)

2- Add this sauce plus half a jar of stock/water.

3- Simmer for 20 minutes or until your ingredients are cooked.


Serve on steamed rice with a side of salad.


Traditionally simmered with chicken, duck, or meatballs. For a vegetarian option we recommend: pumpkin / veggie balls / sweet potato / tempeh / eggplant / beetroot.

Fesenjoon - Walnut & Pomegranate

  • Size: 325 ml

    Serves: 6 

    This sauce has no preservatives. Please use a clean spoon to take out. Keep in the fridge after opening and consume within two weeks.


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