If you were invited to dine with the Prince of Persia, this walnut stew would be your dinner. A sweet and sour sauce packed with walnuts from the Sunshine Coast and elevated to next level with tangy pomegranate.

If you like a slow cooked dish just add this sauce to the slow cooker with whatever you are cooking and come back home to a scrumptious walnut infused dish.

When you are entertaining or cooking with a high quality ingredients, be sure this sauce will do your hard work and beautiful ingredients justice.

This complete sauce goes perfect with tempeh, veggie balls, pumpkin, eggplant, and more hearty veg. There is no added oil in our Fesenjoon. We slow cook walnuts for a few hours until its oil is extracted. This oil will get peneterated into the protein in your dish, making it deliciously moist and melty soft. 


This product is shelf stable. Store in cupboard and use before the best before date. After opening keep in refrigerator and consume within two weeks.

Serves : 6

Persian Fesenjoon Recipe Base

  • This sauce has been slowcooked using no oil. Walnut has been gently heated until it realeases its natural oil to maximise its potential benefits for your heart and brain. Then we add concentrated pomegranate made from best poms of the highlands in the Middle East, where generations of poegranate growers perfected their products through years of harvest.


    Taking its sweetness from Australian carrots, this sauce is packed with super food ingredients that will bring much love to your insides!