At Exotic Bazaar, we look to bring you the best of our Middle Eastern culture by creating exquisite products for you to share with your loved ones.


My name is Gila, and I am here to share with you some of the most treasured recipes from the Middle East for you to enjoy with your family. Most of these recipes are my family recipes, or what I have learned from friends and elders throughout the time. 

In Middle Eastern culture, mealtime is a celebration where you come together to feast with loved ones.  We take every opportunity to share a table together and delicious, plentiful food is the binding element and glue of all occasions. At Exotic Bazaar, we look to bring you the best of our Middle Eastern culture by creating exquisite products and packaging for you to enjoy.

I was born in Iran during the 80's war. We were forced to leave our home in Tehran and move to my father's village in Gilan, north of Iran. I grew up among the rice fields and tea plantations where I learned to look at the beautiful side of life during the most difficult times.

At mealtime, the whole family would sit together and share food. My mum and aunties ran the kitchen and I worked as a little kitchen-hand helping them feed our huge extended family every day. I remember we cooked in pots as big as my height!

They taught me to always think about maximising the nourishment of every ingredient so when people eat the food you cook they get the maximum nourishment.

Today I cook our family recipe cooking sauces right here in Brisbane with my beautiful team. We use the same traditional and slow-cooked techniques that my aunties taught me... and the pots we use have not got any smaller.  

Made with the highest quality natural ingredients, all of our products here at Exotic Bazaar are vegan-friendly, gluten-free, refined sugar-free, and have no preservatives, no artificial flavours or colours.  We use real, whole food ingredients for an authentic taste.

You will certainly taste the freshness and the meals you create will be noosh (health) to your body.



Gila xx



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