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  It's Easy!  

Create a Persian Dinner Experience with confidence. Receive a collection of exotic ingredients with easy to follow recipes. Just add a few ingredients from your pantry or fridge.

Gluten Free 

100% Wholefoods

Vegan Friendly

Australian Business

Tell Them

You Love Them

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Show your love to a special someone or your special self with this exquisite bundle.

Included In this pack:

- Persian Love Cake bake kit with icing, rose &  pistachio garnish, and rosewater

- Rose and Cardamom Organic Tea

- Muscle Relaxing rose magnesium  bath salt (perfect for foot spa)

- Choice of four styles of greeting card to suit your purpose.

*Choose between Gluten-Free or Original Recipe.

Rose & Relax


Persian Mehmooni

This signature Persian selection is inspired by the essence of Mehmooni - A gathering centered around eating together where the food is plentiful and exquisite, laughter and chatter fill the room, and love is abundant.

Hello :)

My name is Gila, I founded Exotic Bazaar to share the healthy and balanced flavours of Persian cuisine with everyday cooks like you who are curious about food and culture.

In Persian culture, mealtime is a celebration where you come together to feast with loved ones. We take every opportunity to share a table together with delicious and plentiful food.

At Exotic Bazaar we bring you the best of our culture by creating exquisite products that extend the table from our home to yours.

With Love,

Gila xx

Persian Inspired Recipe Bases

As easy as opening a jar, create a balanced, healthy, and hearty meal with a lingering satisfaction. 

Family Recipes made with love in Brisbane.

100% Whole-foods, No Preservatives, Gluten-Free, Keto & Vegan Friendly




Created in Babylon times 3000 years BC, Date Vinegar is the oldest recorded vinegar in history.

Rich and fruity flavour, perfect for salads, dips, marinades, and cleansing drinks.

Spices & Blends

Our selection of high quality fresh spice blends is a must have for creating any Middle Eastern recipe.

No Anti Caking, Low/No Salt, No Fillers



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