Middle-Eastern Made Easy

Unlock the world's richest flavours without needing to stock up on hard-to-find ingredients.

Baking kit to create the most exquisite cake.
Small batches and freshly packed.

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Cook-in sauces made of clean ingredients.
Just add meat/veg.

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  • No preservatives
  • Wholefood Ingredients
  • Gluten-Dairy-Egg Free

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Beautiful flavours, my little grand daughter loved it too!

Jan Farmer

So yummy, can't recommend their products enough!

Olivia Trainor

Super high quality products with beautiful packing and customer service 10 of 10 !

Evan Akar

I love the flavors!! Thoroughly enjoy the recipes and ingredients !! BIG FAN !!!

Yara Barrozo Kauffmann

Such great products. The date vinegar is my new favourite.

Kylie Fisher

Delicious and authentic with a modern touch. Like the recipes too.

Hanady Rasoul

Cook-in Sauces

Just add meat/veggies to create world-heritage recipes in under 30 minutes.
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  • Delicious balanced flavours
  • Packed with superfood ingredients
  • Made in Australia
  • Elevate your home-cooking

Hi :) My name is Gila, I am the founder of Exotic Bazaar. I was born in Iran and call Australia home.

I am proud of my food heritage. Middle-east has a rich cuisine that is evolved around healthy eating. It consists of super-food ingredients with family generosity at its heart.

Exotic Bazaar products bring the essence of middle-eastern food culture to your home. They make it easy to enjoy these treasured recipes as an easy home meal option.

with love, Gila xx

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Experience the Exotic Middle East as easy as opening a jar

  • No preservatives/additives
  • Just add veggies/meat
  • Gluten free, Vegan friendly
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The Luxurious Persian Love Cake

  • Gluten Free Option
  • Made fresh in small batches
  • Complete the experience with rose & cardamom tea
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Made with care for
the environment

  • Made with Zero food waste
  • All production packaging are recycled
  • Delivered to you with zero emissions
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