Turkiye Earthquake

How to Help People Affected by the Turkiye-Syria Earthquake

Feb 07, 2023Gilava Pour
On Monday 6th Feb a devestating earthquake hit some of the most vulnerable areas of Turkey and Syria where the Syrian refugees were already living with limitted resources. This earthquake demolished massive parts of the region and claimed the lives of over 2000 people on day 1, with numbers rising. 
A massive issue currently is navigating the sanctions and ensuring the money ends up in the hands of those who need it.
At Exotic Bazaar we have donated100% of our sales profits to Turkey Red Crescent, from the 6th till 21st Feb. I choose this charity because I am most familliar with them and have seen their help with Iran's devestating earthquake in 2003.
If you are looking for more ways to help here is 3 things you can do to help the releif ro people affected by the Turkey-Syria Earthquake.

1. Donate to a reputable aiding charity. Below are a list of most mentioned charities helping the Turkey-Syria earthquake:

Syrian American Medical Society

SAMS are working on the ground and collecting donations to purchase trauma supplies

The International Red Cross

You would be familiar with the IRC and the humanetarian work they do on the ground

Turkey Red Crescent

A local organisation similar to Red Cross, Red Crescent has been providing aid to the region with hundreds of volunteers. They are also sending over tents, blankets and beds to provide releif from the survivors trapped in the cold conditions.

Doctors Without Borders

An immidiate fund has been created for the devestating earthquake relief and they are also sending shelter and accomodation focusing on the North West Syria.

Global Giving

With multiple funds to support volnerable people like women and children, this nonprofit connects other nonprofits to donors. They have launched the Turkey and Syria Earthquake Relief Fund, to help with the immediate food, shelter and water needs, as well as long term recovery efforts.

The White Helmets

A local volunteer group based in Syria who are supporting the urgent response.

There are more charities like UNICEF, Save The Children, Project Hope that you can donate to. Or find your choice of reputable charity at Charity Navigator or Charity Watch

2. Raise Awareness:

Share the charities' links to your friends and family and invite them to help with the fund raising. 

3.Stay Strong and Focus On Helping:

Don't let the sad news paralise you. Learn more and help.

If you know more ways of helping that you think we should share please contact us at hello@exoticbazaar.com.au


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