Ghormeh Sabzi w Exotic Mushrooms, Red Kidney Beans & Persian Lime

Ghormeh Sabzi w Exotic Mushrooms, Red Kidney Beans & Persian Lime

Apr 22, 2020Gilava Pour

Ghormeh Sabzi is the most beloved Persian dish. Made with sauteed herbs, this earthy and aromatic classic has a unique citrus taste and has all the five flavours to satisfy our taste buds. Traditionally Ghormeh Sabzi is made with diced lamb and kidney beans. However, the rich and buttery flavours of shiitake and pine mushrooms perfectly complement the deep flavours of wilted herbs and Persian lime.


*Highly recommended optional extra - 2 x Persian dried limes (Limoo).

1- Dice the bottom part of king oyster mushroom into thick pieces, then dice the top part into quarters.

2- Dice the rest of the mushrooms into quarters.

3- If you are using dried kidney beans, boil the kidney beans in a large pot. Make sure you do not add any salt or acid to the water as it slows down the cooking process.

4- Fry all the mushrooms lightly until golden.

5- Empty in one jar of Exotic Bazaar Ghormeh Sabzi  with 100ml of water/stock.

*Optional: Add the pre-soaked Persian Limes.

6- Drain and rinse the kidney beans, then add to the pot.

7- Bring to boil and then simmer for 20 minutes. 8- Serve Ghormeh Sabzi with rice and side salad Shirazi

- Feel free to use any other mushroom of your choice. - Try this recipe with eggplants or tofu instead of mushrooms, following the same method.
- If you have decided to add the Persian Lime for the extra tanginess, give them a rinse and using a knife or fork to poke one or two holes into the side of them. Place in a bowl with some boiling water and they will then release their unique flavours. Add the lime with its water into the recipe. If you cut the Limoo make sure to take the seeds out as the seeds are bit

Enjoy Your Exotic Night Happy Feasting :)

Ghormeh Sabzi - Persian Recipe Base

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