Sunshine Rice - A Beautiful Way Of Serving Rice

Sunshine Rice - A Beautiful Way Of Serving Rice

Sep 24, 2018Gilava Pour

Since I remember, rice always has been a two coloured layer of bright yellow on white. It always excited me to see the patterns made by the yellow saffron-infused layer of rice on the plain canvas of white rice. Rice decoration is an everyday part of serving rice in Iran. Even when making rice for themselves when there is no one else to share it many would still go through the habit of making this beautiful two coloured rice.

I call it sunshine rice because the yellow layer on top reminds me of the sun shining from behind of snowy mountains.

To make sunshine rice you can simply start by cooking your rice.

Whilst the rice is cooking, make a saffron tea by putting a few strings of saffron in a small cup, put some boiling water on top and let it brew till your rice is ready. This tea is not for you to drink. It is for the rice.

Persian Saffron

When the rice is cooked, put one-third of it in a separate bowl and put the brewed saffron on the top, mix it well until rice is yellow throughout.

Serve the white rice in a plate and garnish with the yellow saffron rice. Get creative!

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