How To Redeem Your Bazaar Points

 Login to your account or create an account:

Click on the login section highlighted on your desktop or mobile phone to login or register
login to your account



Open the reward program:

 Click on the pomegranate image on the bottom left or "Your Bazaar Points" on top of the page

Click on Ways To Redeem:

The rewards page shows all the info you need to take full advantage of your Bazaar Points








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Redeem your points:

Click on 'Redeem' button then select how many points you want to redeem, you will receive a coupon code for yout claim amount. Copy the code and click on 'Apply Code'



Shop and checkout using your store credit: 

Continue to checkout, you will see the code applied at the last step of checkout just before payment. To be safe have the code copied so you can apply in case it wasn't automatically applied

If you have any questions about redeeming your points feel free to email us at


Start Redeem Your Points

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