Exotic Bazaar

Exotic Bazaar Starter Pack

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Persian Recipe Base - Ghormeh Sabzi  325g

Create the national dish of Iran, a mild and fresh stew of sauteed herbs and Persian lime

Persian Recipe Base - Fesenjoon  325g

Made with crushed walnuts and pomegranate molasses, this base is perfect for slow-cooking

Turkish Recipe Base - Tabrizi  325g

A peppery and versatile base that comes with recipe suggestions for Turkish meatballs

Moroccan Recipe Base - Tagine  325g (x2)

A zesty and medium spiced base to easily make an authentic Moroccan Tagine

Persian Black Lime  15g

Dried limes with a distinctive zesty flavour. Add them to your Persian stew, or brew with black tea

Step By Step Instructions

Easy to follow instructions for perfect results every time

Gila's Persian e-Cookbook

Start your journey of exotic cooking in 2022 with our founder's Persian cookbook