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Persian Love Cake

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Elevate your baking with Exotic Bazaar's Persian Love Cake mix, expertly crafted with almond flour for a luxurious texture, and infused with the elegant aromas of cardamom, rosewater and saffron. Impress your guests and boost your baking skills effortlessly with this indulgent treat.

✨Here’s why you will love it:
•    Simple Preparation: Follow the straightforward instructions for an easy baking process.
•    Professional Quality: Achieve bakery-level results to impress friends and family.
•    Authentic Flavours: Enjoy the aromatic blend of Persian spices that will transport you to an enchanting world.
•    Convenient and Fresh: Each mix includes just the right amount of ingredients, reducing waste and clutter. It is blended in Australia from the freshest high-quality ingredients.
•    Almond Flour Benefits: Enjoy a cake that’s not only delicious but also packed with the goodness of almond flour.

Ideal for both special occasions and everyday treats, this Persian Love Cake mix provides a touch of elegance to your baking while making the process simple and enjoyable.

Original Recipe Cake Ingredients:
Australian almond meal, wheat flour, semolina, rice flour, baking soda, sea salt, cardamom, Organic Iranian saffron

Gluten Free Cake Ingredients:
Australian almond meal, chickpea flour, rice flour, baking soda, sea salt, cardamom, Organic Iranian saffron

Icing & Garnish:
sugar, rosewater, corn starch, pistachio, almond, edible rosepetals

It Is A Piece Of Cake!

Baking Persian Love Cake has never been easier.
1. Mix & Bake

1. Mix & Bake

Follow recipe to make the cake batter & bake to your desired shape.
2. Decorate

2. Decorate

Use provided ingredients to adorn with rose water icing & rose petals garnish
3. Impress & Enjoy

3. Impress & Enjoy

Savour your Persian Love Cake & relish the smiles of those enjoying it with you.

Watch how to bake Persian Love Cake

Bake along with our founder, Gilava.

Frequently asked question

There is a step by step instruction at the back of the pack so you can bake either a large cake or 12 cupcakes. If you have any questions you can email us at  or message us on Facebook.

You will need to add:
2 Eggs
1 Cup Full Cream Natural Yoghurt
3/4 Cup Sugar
160g Softened Butter

We recommend a 20cm cake tin. Any cake tin between 18-23 cm is good. If you have a heart-shaped cake tin that's ideal for extra cuteness.

All of our cake mixes are blended fresh in the last 2 weeks with the best before of At least 7 months.

Please store it in an airtight container outside the fridge.

In fact we recommend you bake the cake one day before serving so the flavours fully develop by the next day. Store in an airtight container and decorate just before serving so the rose petals look most fresh.

There are no eggs or dairy in the cake kit. There are suggested Plant-based alternatives in the directions.

We understand that on the surface this cake kit is more expensive than supermarket mixes however in terms of quality and the ingredients used this cake kit is not comparable. Here are top 4 reasons:

1- It is made with almond meal which is 17 times more expensive than wheat flour.

2- It contains organic saffron which is the most expensive spice in the world.

3- It comes with a mini bottle of highest quality rosewater.

4- The garnish includes premium and exotic ingredients like edible rose petals, pistachios, and slivered almonds.

If you were to go on a hunt and buy these ingredients separately to bake this cake, not only it would come more expensive, but you would also end up with excess of exotic ingredients that clutter your pantry and will end up going out of date.

Using Exotic Bazaar baking kit, you will receive all these premium ingredients in their freshest form and the result will be worth it. But don't just take it from us, read our customer reviews who rave about this baking kit.

Customer Reviews

Based on 263 reviews

Beautifully packaged


Yum & easy to make.

Susan Bray
Wonderful Cake

Cake tastes wonderful. It is easy and convenient to make. Everyone loves it. Very pleased, I have ordered quite a few original and gluten free and both taste wonderful. I cannot tell the difference between the gluten free and the normal version. Great as a gift for a friend who bakes and has everything.

Melissa Clarke

I really like the love cake it’s really easy to make and my family really love it also I love the love cake.


Yummy cake mix. Looks very impressive. Good to have a mix on hand.