Persian Style Lamb kebab (Chenjeh Kabab)

Persian Style Lamb kebab (Chenjeh Kabab)

Kebabs are signature dishes in Persian cuisine, transidtional made on the coal fired 'mangal' (BBQ). You won't need many ingredients for this recipe but the results are simply delicious. It's sure to be wonderful addition to your repertoire of BBQ favourites.

The marinade is the secret to achieve juicy and tender kebab. The meat should rest in marinade for at least few hours or even overnight for the best results. (Serves for 4)



- 500g organic lamb leg (diced to 3cm cubes)

- 2 medium onions chopped or grated 

- Half a cup of yoghurt 

- 2 garlic gloves (minced or grated)

- 4 Tsp Kebab Spice

- Juice of one fresh lime 

- 4 Tbsp extra virgin olive oil

- Pinch of saffron (optional)

- 8 mini capcisums


1- Mix all of the ingredients and the meat together, cover and rest in fridge for at least 4 hrs or preferably over night for the best result.

4- Enjoy with flat bread or rice, salad, and yoghurt. 

- When you dice the meat don't trim all the fat. This fat will melt over the kebabs when grilling on fire allowing the meat to remain moist and not dry out.

- Add the vegetables such as capsicum, onion and tomatoes to separate skewers (they cook faster than meat) spray some oil, and grill . Season with some kebab spice and serve as side.


Enjoy :)

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