How to make Persian Rice - Tahdig

How To Make Persian Rice - Tahdig

Jan 04, 2023Gilava Pour
Rice is one of the main events of Persian cuisine with “Tahdig” the star of the show!
In Farsi, Tahdig simply means 'bottom of the pot' and this turns out to be the crispy layer of rice at the bottom of the pot that forms during the steaming process.
You can create many versions of Tahdig by layering the bottom of the pot with different ingredients, like rice, bread, potatoes, lettuce, kale, and lots more.
It is important that you use a non-stick pot for making Tahdig.
"This rice may seem complicated to make, but when you make it once you will realise the steps are easy to master and the results are worth the effort."
There are two steps to make Tahdig:
1- Parboil
2- Steam
Step 1:
Ingredients For Rice:
- 3 cups white rice : I use half and half basmati and jasmine to get a balance of texture and aroma.
- 1 1bsp salt
- 2 litres water
Direction For Preparing Rice:
1- Wash then soak the rice for at least 10 minutes and upto 4 hours for optimum result.
2- Boil 2L of water in a pot with 1 tbsp salt.
3- Drain away the water from the rice, then add the rice to the boiling water.
4- When the water returns to the boil again and the rice grains start to "dance on the surface", drain the rice in a colander.
How to make Persian Rice - Tahdig
In the next stage we steam the rice to finish its cooking process and form a tahdig. You can use this rice for making a mixed-rice or a pilaf.
Ingredients For Saffron Tahdig:
2 Tbsp Butter, Ghee or Oil
1/2 Cup Full Fat Greek or Unsweetened Coconut Yoghurt
1/4Tsp Kosher Salt
Step 2:
Steaming & Tahdig:
1- Using a nonstick pot, add the oil/butter and tilt in around to make sure the bottom is covered with all the oil.
2- In a medium bowl mix 1 cup of parboiled rice, grounded saffron, salt, and yogurt.
3- Spread the rice mix evenly to cover the bottom of your nonstick pot.
How to make Persian Rice - Tahdig
4- Pour the rest of the parboiled white rice over the top.
5- Wrap the pot's lid with a tea towel (for absorbing steam). Close the lid.
6 - Optional: Divide a small cube of butter into 5-6 pieces and place them on top of the rice.
7- Turn on the stove on medium-high for the first 5minutes. Then reduce the heat to medium heat and let it steam for 30-45 minutes.
8- Remove the pot from the stove. Place a large serving platter over the pot and flip it carefully. The golden crusty tahdig will be revealed on top and rice underneath.
Enjoy with Persian rice with your favourite Khoresh (e.g. Persian Stew) a side salad, and yoghurt.
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Happy Feasting :)

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